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      Web Developer - March 2001 - Present  
      Optimus, Inc., Chicago, IL - One of Chicago's most successful Video Post Production and Multimedia Facilities

Job Duties:
As a member of Optimus' interactive team, I helped bring an old-fashioned post-production house into the digital age. The department specializes in creating on-line video footage libraries and databases.  In addition to our external clients, I have built numerous web-based utilities that revolutionized the way Optimus does business. These included a secure site that allows clients to view the most recent versions of commercials in production only minutes after they had been updated; a complex job tracking tool to help the company collect dataand in-house accounting and payroll tools.
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      Web Programs and Tools  
  · Platform · Languages · Graphics
    LAMP   PHP   Adobe Photoshop
    MS Win2K3 Server / IIS
  Java Script   Adobe Illustrator
      jQuery + AJAX   Adobe InDesign
  · Design/Development   HTML  
    Dreamweaver   CSS · Video/Multimedia
    Flash   SQL   Episode Pro
    Hand-coding   Flash Action Script   Compressor
      ASP.NET (limited)   Sorenson Squeeze
  · Database   ASP / VBScript   Adobe Premiere
    Microsoft SQL Server    

      Assistant Producer - March 1999 - March 2001  
      Optimus, Inc., Chicago, IL - One of Chicago's most successful Video Post Production and Multimedia Facilities

Job Description:
An Assistant Producer at a video post-production house is by nature a jack of all trades. During my time in the Production department, I coordinated last minute satellite feeds to London and rural Florida, crisis-managed countless client emergencies, and helped smooth interdepartmental conflicts by suggesting and testing practical solutions that were then adopted as policy.    Somewhere along the way, I also became the unofficial expert on the somewhat esoteric function of XYMOX (the database program Optimus uses for billing, scheduling, library and shipping), and the answer guy on such issues as: the Fed Ex Powership computer, Windows 95 & 98, Microsoft Word, printer problems, even "why won't this copier work?"  I think it stems from the fact that I rarely say, "I don't know,"  without following it up with, "let's figure out why."
      Tape Operator - March 1997 - February 1999  
      Duke City Studios, Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque's largest Video Duplication and Editing Facility

Job Duties:
At Duke City, I functioned as both client contact and technician.  Here, I received a broad education in the world of video by seeing orders from inception to completion - receiving, pricing, and creating work orders; operating broadcast video equipment; managing video libraries: and packaging and shipping orders. 
      Editorial Reader -July 1996 - December 1996  
      Walker and Co. Publishing, NY, NY - Small NY Publishing House specializing in Non-Fiction and Mysteries.

Job Description:
An editorial reader serves as a "first line of defense" for an editor.  At Walker, I read and evaluated incoming manuscripts, and wrote reports critiquing the work. My editor came to value my judgement and authorized me to reject manuscripts.
      Freelance Music Writer - August 1994 - June 1996  
      Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM - New Mexico's Largest Newspaper

Job Description:
During my time as a freelance music writer for the Journal, I worked under deadline, writing feature articles about bands as well as reviews and previews of musical releases and concerts.  I wrote a weekly column focusing on the local and national music scene.

      B.A. in Journalism from the University of New Mexico, 1993
B.A. in English (focus: Writing) from the University of New Mexico, 1993

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